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**Currently we have very limited stock left of this kit. We haven't scheduled replacement shipment yet.

These ball point twist pen kits are probably the easiest kits to make since they only have one tube. However, they are made of high quality components so they are great for all levels of turners. I have chosen the best plating's available for these kits. The black titanium and rhodium kit is one of my all-time favorite component sets available and it compliments most any blank nicely. The second option is a gold titanium with rhodium accent. Also a very nice color combo, would look great with any of our gold web/matrix tru-stone blanks. Also keep in mind that you can make two pens with one standard 5" blank. These come with the standard Parker (R) Style Refills from Dayacom. However, we carry upgraded Private Reserve refills as well. This kit requires a 27/64" drill bit.

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