tru-stone blanks

Tru-Stone is manufactured from approximately 85% natural stone ore that has been pulverized to a powder and then mixed with pigments and acrylic resin. It is then compressed into blocks and cut to size. The finished product is a material that resembles the natural stone but can be turned and machined with standard wood tools. Each color varies in hardness, so for those new to this material please read the notes for each of of the colors. You can also see our help with turning page to see the method that we use to turn pens from Tru-Stone.

Bottle stopper blanks are available for several of the colors below. Those of you looking just for stopper blanks you can click here to see all that are available.

Notice: Pen blanks and stopper blanks have a tolerance of about 0.03" + or - the standard size. This doesn't affect most pen makers. But if your project requires absolute minimums, please contact me to make sure I can supply exactly what you need. Any standard blanks that come in outside of those tolerances are offered in the Odds and Ends section. Check those out here.


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*With the manufacturer price increase we have decided to offer a lower standard price in lieu of a higher price with quantity discounts. For larger quantities of over 100 pieces, please contact us for quote.

*Quantities may be limited.


Arizona Turquoise  Persian Turquoise  Kingman Turquoise

  #40 Turquoise with Gold  Matrix#40 Turquoise w Black Web 

#20 Turquoise with Gold Web Turquoise #40 w Gold Web#20 Turquoise with Black Web

Blue Dragon Skin



BLUE                                                                                                                 ________________________

Azurite Web Blue (Dark) Lapis w PyriteAzurite/Malachite Natural 

blue river agateChilean Lapisdenim lapis

larimarSodaliteMedium Lapis

banded azurite malachite

WHITE & IVORY                                                                                                                                                       

white turquoiseWhite with Black Web

white with gold matrixwhite with gold webBlack and White Banded

 Mother of Pearlwhite

Banded IvoryWhite with Copper Matrix

  White with Copper Web 


black with gold matrixblack with gold web

Black and Red JasperJett OnyxBlack and White

Black Mother Of Pearl   Black with Copper Matrix  Black with Copper Web


Banded Malachitechinese green webChrysocolla

GaspaiteMalachite Web

Varasite WebArizona jadebanded chrysocolla

RED & PINK                                                                                            ___________________________    

Bloody Basin Red JasperMedium Red Coralred - orange spiney

Asian Pink Coral Red with Gold MatrixRed With Gold Web

RhodonitePink Conch ShellRed-White Spiney

Pink LarimarPink Mother of Pearl   Mookite



Mexican Agate Yellow Dino BoneLeopard Jasper 

Honey JasperTigereyeTortoise Shell

Yellow SpineyCharoite

ObsidianSugi with black matrixRed Dino Bone

Purple Mother of PearlSonoran Sunset