help with turning

We frequently have questions from pen turners that are new to these materials requesting advice on where to start. In this section we will show how we turn these blanks, what tools we use, and what methods have been sucessful for us. Each indivudal should develop his or her own methods based on what feels comfortable to them and what tools they have available to them. Keep in mind that the stone material varies greatly from one color to the next so the ability to adjust to those differences is essential. I confess we don't always use all of the safety precautions and safety guards that are available to us and that we probably should, but that's just our way of doing it. If any of the methods that we use seem unsafe to you or you don't feel comfortable with them, by all means please change them to fit your needs. We are in no way saying that this is the correct or best way to work with these materials, but rather just how we do it. We are always looking to improve on our turning techniques so if you have any tips or suggestions based on your experiences, please feel free to let us know. We love hearing from you.

blue lapis






Turning Tru-Stone