chittum burl


Also known as American Smoke Tree Burl, this wood is one of the rarest woods in North America. In my opinion, it's also one of the most beautiful. I obtained these blanks from Alabama and they have been air drying for a couple years. They vary in size, and are a little rough cut, but they are all at least 3/4"sq x 5" long. I also have a limited supply of pieces that are about 1"sq x 5"+.  These are solid pieces but as with all burls, there could be some voids due to the wild growth pattern.


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Roughly 3/4" x 4.75" Price: $18.00 (Regular $21.95) Qty:

Roughly 3/4" x 5" Price: $22.95 Qty:

Roughly 1" x 5" Price: $26.95 Qty: